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A scaling factor that allows you to adjust the reading on a densitomer to a desired value. This is generally not recommended as it is not an accurate reflection of what the device measured and does not add value in process control. Additionally, with an N factor applied, communicating measured results with anyone else is difficult at best.


A book binding style where the spine is thicker than the book body resulting in a profile resembling a nail.


Portion of the front page of a publication that graphically presents its name, subtitle, and date line.


The measurement of wavelengths. Unit of length equal to 109 meters, or one millionth of a millimeter.


A slight surface texture of some writing surfaces.

Native Application File:

Refers to a file that was created by a particular application and can be opened and edited by another copy of the application.

Native File:

The working copy of the file written in the native format. You must have the application to open and alter this file.

Natural Color:

Very light brown color of paper. May also be called antique, cream, ivory, off-white or mellow white.


A term to describe papers that have a color similar to that of wood; also called cream, off-white or ivory.


Non-disclosure agreement.

Negative Letterspacing:

In typography, the subtraction of space between characters individually or en masse. See kening.

Negative Processed:

Printing plates that are created with film negatives are called negative-processed printing plates. Negative-processing is also used to make proofs for clients before the printing plates are made.

Negative Space:

Alternate term for White Space.


Film containing an image in which the values of the original are reversed so that the dark areas appear light and vise versa.


Signatures assembled inside one another in the proper sequence for binding, as compared to gathered. Also called inset.

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