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A dampening system for printing presses which utilizes more alcohol (25%) and less water; this greatly reduces the amount of paper that is spoiled.

Dampener Fountain

Alternative term for Water Fountain on a press.


In lithography, cloth-covered parchment paper or rubber (bare back) rollers that distribute the dampening solution to the press plate or ink roller.


An essential part of the printing process whereby cloth covered rubber rollers distributes the dampening solution to the plate.

Dampening System

The mechanism on a press for transferring dampening solution to the plate during printing.

Dandy Roll

A wire cylinder on papermaking machines that makes wove or laid effects on the texture, as well as the watermark itself. Used in the manufacture of better grades of business and book papers.

Dark Spot

An area containing a greater amount of pigment due to a "pooling" effect created by a depression in the substrate.


T- ypographic mark that indicates a break between thoughts. An em dash (—) is longer than an en dash (–) and much longer than a hyphen (-).

Data Compression

Technique of reducing the amount of storage required to hold a digital file to reduce the disk space the file requires and allow it to be processed or transmitted more quickly.

Data Conversion

To change digital information from its original code so that it can be recorded by an electronic memory using a different code.

Data File

Line art, photographs, text and other graphic elements that are maintained as an electronic group.


A - program that allows the storage of records (individual items which can be text or images) with fields of data to permit sorting and reorganization for list and file management.


-(Desktop Color Separation) A format that creates four PostScript files one for each separation and one master file.


Digital Data Exchange Specifications.

Dead Matter

T- ypeset text or graphics that will not be reused.

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