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Back Lining

The fixing of a material, either paper or cloth, to the back of a book before it is bound. Reference: case binding.

Back Margin

A term referring to the margin which lies closest to the back of the book.

Back Matter

The material printed at the back of a book (e.g., agenda, appendix, bibliography, glossary, index, etc.). Alternative term: end matter.

Back Printing

Printing on the underside of transparent paper or film. Alternative terms: reverse printing; second-surface printing.

Back Slit

Linear cuts put in the liner while on press to meet specialized end use requirements.

Back Step Collation

The collation of book signatures according to reference marks which are printed on the back fold of each section.

Back To Back

Print applied to both sides of a sheet of paper.

Back Trap

Mottle Blotchy spots or streaks in an overprinted ink.

Back Up

(1) To print on the second side of a sheet already printed on one side. (2) To adjust an image on one side of a sheet so that it aligns back-to-back with an image on the other side.


That portion of the binding, which connects the front of the book with the back of the book; also called "back".


That portion of a photograph or line art drawing that appears furthest from the eye; the surface upon which the main image is superimposed.


See rounding and backing.

Backing Up

Printing the reverse side of a sheet already printed on one side.


The material that strengthens the back of a book after it's been rounded and backed (e.g., paper, muslin, etc.).


Any type that tilts to the left or backward direction; opposite of italic type.

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