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Soft Cover:

Bound without a case; usually perfect bound, but also sewn and bound with a paper cover.

Soft Dot:

A halftone dot that does not have uniform density over its entire surface and may also have a soft fringe, commonly produced by digital image-setters. Contact exposure to another piece of film will burn away the indistinct area and produce a hard dot. This is an important area for calibration and quality-control checks since small variances in dot size can create dramatic changes in color reproduction.

Soft Ground:

An etching technique in which the plate is covered with malleable ground through which a variety textures can be pressed, allowing them to be etched into the plate. For example, a piece of paper laid on top of a soft grounded plate can be drawn upon with a pencil, and the resulting etched image will resemble a pencil line drawn on paper. To be distinguished from "hard ground" used for simple line etching.

Soft Ink:

Descriptive of the consistency of paste inks.

Soft Or Discretionary Hyphen:

A specially coded hyphen which is only displayed when formatting of the hyphenated word puts it at the end of a line.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics is the use of geometrical concepts such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical expressions, to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics can be enlarged, reduced or changed in resolution without degrading quality. Vector graphics is based on images made up of paths. This does not affect the size of the files in a substantial way because all information resides in the structure; it describes how to draw the vector.

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